Hassles Of Selling Your Home With A Real Estate Agent

I don’t want to disparage real estate agents too much, since I am one. But the traditional method of selling your home by listing with a real estate agent can often be a huge hassle. First, it can be hard to find an agent that you trust — one who will actually make an effort … Continued

Why Should I Sell My House To A Cash Buyer?

Did you know that there is an alternative to the aggravation of the traditional sales process? You can sell your Phoenix AZ house fast, for cash! Baritone Home Buyers is a local home buying company in the Phoenix area, and our goal is to make things as simple and easy as possible for you, the … Continued

Selling Your Home For Higher Than Market Value

Selling your home for higher than market value sounds like a scam or a pipe dream, but we buy homes for higher than market value all the time, sometimes even for double the market value! How can we do that? It requires one simple condition, which is that rather than paying one lump sum up … Continued

We Buy Not Very Pretty Phoenix Houses

You’ve probably seen billboards or heard radio ads from other ugly house buyers such as Homevestors. There are several such nationwide companies.  Baritone is a local company in Phoenix, Arizona, and we buy ugly houses too, but only in the Phoenix metro area! What does it mean to buy “ugly houses”? We are real estate … Continued

Part time Project Manager needed for minor rehabs, property turns – Baritone LLC

Baritone LLC is a real estate investing company. We invest in residential properties for resale or rental. We are looking to hire a part time project manager / construction supervisor who can supervise the repairs needed for property rehabs (“flips”) or property turns (i.e. when tenants move out). The ideal candidate might be a retired construction supervisor / … Continued

What is the Probate Process in Arizona and When Is It Required?

What is Probate in Arizona? Probate refers to the process in which the court selects someone called a personal representative (“PR”), for the estate of someone who died, and then the PR wraps up the deceased person’s financial affairs. The PR is responsible for: Tracking down everything that the deceased person owned, and making a … Continued

Should I Call a Public Adjuster If My House Burns Down?

We recently had one of our rental homes burn down, in Phoenix, AZ. This is our first time going through this experience. I heard about the fire from the tenant on a Sunday night. Fortunately, no one had been home at the time. I drove over to check it out. I was expecting to see … Continued

What’s the Best Time of Year to Sell my Phoenix Area Home?

The general consensus is that spring is the best time to sell your house. But sales trends vary dramatically depending on your region. The chart below shows the data from the Phoenix metro area (including Phoenix, Mesa, and the surrounding cities), from the year 2015. And it looks like spring actually is the best time! … Continued